30 Sep 2019 Oberoi Hotel Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Creating Destinations

With major events on the horizon for the GCC, the regional hospitality and tourism industries are expected to have a significant impact on the construction...

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Creating Destinations

Oberoi Hotel Business Bay, Dubai, UAE 30 Sep 2019

Retail & Hospitality Summit – Creating Destinations

With major events on the horizon for the GCC, the regional hospitality and tourism industries are expected to have a significant impact on the construction and real estate development sector. Data has shown that the retail and hospitality sector have been the UAE’s fastest growing industries over the last 15 years.

According to analysts, the value of the GCC hotel projects market is forecasted to increase from $11.15 billion in 2018 to $11.61 billion in 2019, while the UAE’s own hospitality market is expected to reach $7.6 billion by 2022, growing at a five-year CAGR of 8.5% between 2017 and 2022. In 2019 alone, Dubai’s hotel supply is expected to reach 132,000.

Meanwhile, the retail sector has been projected to grow by 5.6% from 2018 to 2021, with retail sales predicted to reach $43.75 billion by 2021. In the UAE, Dubai alone accounts for 49% of all shopping malls in the country, followed by Abu Dhabi with 36%, and these figures show no signs of dropping, with retail construction continuing at pace.

As such, regional developers are showing increased interest in developing mixed-use projects that combine hospitality, entertainment, retail and residential elements, thereby allowing for the diversification of economies away from oil revenues.

With investment in tourism infrastructure on the rise, developers are now looking to create destinations that will attract international tourists, local visitors and residential tenants. Therefore, Big Project ME is looking to host a summit that will focus on the key issues and topics around retail and hospitality construction and development.

Through a series of presentations and panel discussions, the 2019 Retail and Hospitality Summit will offer construction professionals an opportunity to discuss, debate and define the key issues and challenges facing the construction industry as it works to meet the demands placed upon it.

The 2019 Retail and Hospitality Summit will provide professionals with the opportunity to network with industry experts, regional thought leaders and decision makers from a variety of fields, sectors and countries.


Listen and learn from the regions foremost experts as they explain how the construction industry can answer the demands and needs of the ever-expanding tourism and hospitality sectors in the GCC.


Learn from industry leaders how your company can position itself as a leader in hospitality and tourism construction. Hear about and see real examples of how iconic projects are being built, keeping in mind the needs of visitors – both local and international.


The RHC Summit presents you with an opportunity to interact and discuss how RHC Summit can benefit your company with the region’s leading experts. With several breaks scheduled for networking, you’ll be able to get one-on-one time with panellists and presenters, following on from interactive Q&A sessions and a CPD workshop.

Key themes and topics that will be discussed

30 SEP 2019 - Oberoi Hotel business Bay, Dubai, UAE
  • Designing and building retail and hospitality projects

  • Development trends in the GCC

  • Developing destination projects for generations to come

  • Creating mixed-use projects that combine residential, retail and hospitality elements

  • Sustainable practices and utilising technology to design destinations

  • Designing experiences and creating memories

  • Investing in retail and hospitality


The 2019 Retail and Hospitality Summit will play host to a veritable who’s who of the regional construction industry. Through the summit’s focused panel discussions, presentations and workshops, delegates will be able to hear from, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with experts working in the top consultants, contractors and software vendors.

In addition, the Retail and Hospitality Summit will also bring together senior government officials and executives from some of the region’s most well-known developers. Through this diverse mix of speakers, delegates will be given a comprehensive view and insights into one of the most divisive issues in the Middle East construction industry today.

Director, CBRE Dubai LLC

Gabriella De La Torre

Associate Director, Architecture, AECOM

Vladimir Jovanovic

Director, Depa Interiors

Abdoullah Albizreh

Chief Environment Officer, The Red Sea Development Company

Dr. Russell ‘Rusty’ E. Brainard

Executive Director, NV5

Nathan Cartwright

Technical Manager, Emirates Green Building Council

Majd Fayyad

Dy.Director - Energy, Environmental Solutions and Consultancy


Director, Compass Project Consulting

Martin McLean

Managing Director, JT+Partners

Joe Tabet

Founder and CEO, Facilio

Prabhu Ramachandran

Creative Director/Founder, Brand Creative

Carla Conte

Manager, Geospatial Systems Integration, Khatib & Alami

Mohammad Hammoud

Founder/Projects lead, AMPM Project Delivery Professionals

Anita Manoj


Iftikhar Hussain Shah Hamdani Syed

Senior Director, Hill International, Inc.

Ahmed Hosam Thabet Salem

Director, Omnium International Limited

Kieran Duckworth

Project Quantity Surveyor, Omnium International Limited

Jason Black

Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

Chris Skipper

Head of Energy and Sustainable Development, AESG

Phillipa Grant

Research Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

Dana Salbak

Director, RSP Architects

Prabhanjan Kambadur

Vice President Development Middle East, Eurasia & Africa, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Panos Loupasis

General Manager, Paragon Malls

Warren Krawchuk

Director – Strategic Investments, Select Group

Ali Hossain



Registration and Networking

8:00AM - 8:55AM


Doors Open



Welcome Address by Summit Chair



Keynote Presentation – Dr Russell Brainard

09:10AM - 09:30AM

Dr Russell Brainard, chief environment officer for The Red Sea Development Company, provides an overview of the iconic Red Sea Project and the environmental and sustainability commitments and policies being established and implemented across the megaproject.


From an environmental perspective, the Red Sea Project has ambitious goals, including the utilisation of 100% renewable energy, being carbon neutral and allowing no waste to landfill and zero discharge into the Al Wahj Lagoon. Dr Brainard will discuss and outline the challenges and opportunities inherent within these policies.


How is the construction industry keeping pace with the changing trends in the retail and hospitality sector?

09:35AM - 10:20AM

As technology continues to change the rules of engagement in both the retail and hospitality sectors, how are the region’s developers, consultants and contractors keeping up with the changing demands of consumers? Can the construction industry help keep these key sectors for the GCC competitive and up to the challenge?


Discussion Points:

  • Key trends in the GCC retail and hospitality sectors
  • How are developers adapting their development models in response to changing demand?
  • What are the key demands from developers when it comes to new build retail and hospitality projects?
  • The challenges around creating lifestyle experiences for consumers
  • How can developers differentiate their offerings in a crowded marketplace?
  • Discuss the growing prevalence of mixed-use hospitality projects
  • The rise of co-living/co-working spaces
  • The challenges around taking existing assets and refurbishing/modernising them to meet current market demands


  • Gabriella De La Torre – CBRE


  • Ahmed Hosam Thabet Salem – Hill International
  • Ali Hossain – Select Group
  • Anita Manoj – AMPM Project Delivery Professionals
  • Joe Tabet – JT+Partners
  • Kieran Duckworth – Omnium International
  • Martin McLean – Compass Project Consulting
  • Prabhanjan Kambadur – RSP Architects

Coffee Break

10:20AM - 10:30AM


Building sustainable retail and hospitality projects

10:35AM - 11:20AM

What does a sustainable retail space look like in 2019? How can effective environmental measures be embedded into a large-scale hospitality project? Can intuitive design help move guests and customers towards green practices without forcing it upon them? What can the construction industry do to help improve the efficiency and green rating of retail and hospitality spaces in the GCC?


Discussion Points:

  • The challenges around creating environmentally friendly retail and hospitality spaces in the GCC
  • Sustainability measures currently being implemented in regional retail and hospitality projects and their impact
  • How designers, consultants, contractors and developers can work together to create sustainable spaces
  • Balancing the need for sustainability with consumer demand
  • How intuitive design can mould green practices
  • How the utilisation of natural elements can create environmentally friendly spaces
  • What the challenges are around green building in the GCC and how they can be addressed
  • How developers are leading the sustainability charge in the region


  • Nathan Cartwright – NV5


  • Jason Black – Omnium International
  • Krishna Murthy – ESC
  • Majd Fayyad – Emirates Green Building Council
  • Phillipa Grant – AESG
  • Russell Brainard – The Red Sea Development Company

Networking Break

11:25AM - 11:30AM


Interactive Discussion (With Audience Q&A)

11:35AM - 12:05PM

The evolving relationship between owners and operators

New patterns of ownership, finance and management are emerging, contract terms are swinging in favour of owners who are primarily performance driven and are no longer satisfied with long-term capital appreciation.

The bottom line is the yardstick that operators are being judged by. Therefore, operators need to understand that in today’s market, owners and investors are far more active and involved in all areas of hotel operations, from design and build, all the way through to operations and maintenance.

This discussion will address the changing market dynamics and delve into how operators must take on a more active role and influence every aspect of a project’s lifecycle, including being an active part of its conception, design and construction, rather than just taking over a completed asset.



  • Chris Skipper – Winston & Strawn


  • Panos Loupasis – Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • Iftikhar Hamdani – Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman

Coffee Break

12:10AM - 12:20PM


Utilising technology to create intelligent and responsive retail and hospitality environments

12:20PM - 01:10PM

How is modern technology shaping the way retail and hospitality spaces are designed and built? Can data analysis help developers create spaces that are responsive to consumer needs? Will Artificial Intelligence revolutionise the way consumers interact with physical spaces? What is being done by the regional construction and real estate development industries to prepare for a digitally enabled future?


Discussion points:

  • How has the design and construction of retail and hospitality spaces changed in response to the technological requirements of the modern-day consumer?
  • What are the applications of modern technology in the retail and hospitality space and how has it changed the way developers and designers think?
  • What are the challenges facing contractors in this modern day, digitally enabled project landscape?
  • How can data analysis help developers, designers and contractors build better projects that are in turn with the demands of the modern consumer?
  • How will artificial intelligence and machine learning help improve the productivity and performance of these spaces as physical assets?
  • What comes next and how can the construction and real estate development industries best prepare for it?


  • Vladimir Jovanovic – AECOM


  • Abdoullah Albizreh – Depa Interiors
  • Carla Conte – Brand Creative
  • Dana Salbak – JLL
  • Mohammad Hammoud – Khatib & Alami
  • Prabhu Ramachandran – Facilio
  • Warren Krawchuk – Paragon Mall

Closing Remarks by Summit Chair

01:15PM - 01:20PM


Networking Lunch


ONLY 300 AVAILABLE SEATS Register early to guarantee your attendance This is an exclusive event for professionals within the construction industry.
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Retail & Hospitality Construction Summit

30 September 2019
Monday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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